"Christian" Radio
Deathy's dropping character for this one.

Possibly justifiable anti-religious rantingCollapse )

"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

MoP Spoilers (Though Blizz Did Tell Us)

Does it count as a spoiler if they DO tell us?

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Okay, rant over.

Ah, WoW Lore
Once more you are confusing the coproliths out of him.

Aside from the rather questionable "now is the Age of Mortals" that has been mentioned elsewhere, and Deathy is still more than a little irritated by, something else struck him as either terrible writing, or an interesting plot twist.

Guess which one Deathy thinks it is. Guess.

If you think it's terrible writing, congrats! Have a cookie! Deathy killed Deathwing (he's sorry!) in the Raid Finder setting, and at the end of it Nozdormu mentions that the Dragon Soul has returned to the point where it was "borrowed" forward in time, as the power of the Aspects has vanished.

Ugh, Deathy's gripe is about time travel. He hates time travel.

Right. Nozdormu is the leader of the Bronze Dragonflight. He controls Time. He may be the Doctor, or the Doctor may be him, we're not given any more details, but it is a well-known fact that everyone is a Time Lord. Everyone. Nozdormu was shown the time and place of his death, possibly because the Titans are sadists and enjoy tormenting their creations, but that's beside the point.

Murozond was the end result of Nozdormu's attempts to subvert his fate. Deathy is just fine with this, although it really does argue in favor of the Titans being sadists if they create a Guardian of Time only to go "oh yeah, you turn evil, attempt to destroy everything you're supposed to stand for, die because of it, and this is unavoidable. Have a nice life!" and leave...

Murozond was also the result of something corrupting Nozdormu - once more, the Old Gods. Deathy's a bit annoyed at this. Certainly they have the power, definitely the inclination, but... for once can we get a Face Heel Turn that isn't caused by an outside force? A hero turn evil because they genuinely believe that slaughtering babies is The Right Thing To Do?

Nope. It's the Old Gods being Eeeeeeeeevil.

And another thing that makes no sense and makes Deathy's head hurt. Murozond exists in the future, with all of Nozdormu's powers over time. Nozdormu loses all of his power before he becomes Murozond and is killed, so Murray couldn't have had the power to affect time at all, unless he was from an alternate future where Nozdormu didn't become powerless, but if that was the case, than our Nozdormu wouldn't have said that "this is the moment of my demise" because it wouldn't have been him, in which case he would never turn into Murozond, so he wouldn't have died there...

No wonder Deathy's head hurts!

Deathy Yammers
So, once more the Tool who uses Deathy as a warm DPS body paged him for another run.

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You're going to use Deathy? Deathy will use you right back.

Shilling Garrosh? Say It Ain't So!
Once more, Deathy chose to expose himself to the latest... "novel"... involving WoW. Yet again, it's only an excerpt, but yet again, it made Deathy rage.

"The new warchief Garrosh had commanded that this venture be completed, regardless of the cost in seeing it done. Briln and the others here had not questioned that cost, either, for all would have readily perished for the legendary overlord of the Warsong offensive. Garrosh's deeds were epic and retold over and over in the Horde."

We... we are talking about the same Garrosh, correct? The same one who thought a good strategy in Northrend was "attack the Alliance indescriminately and we can totes take 'em"? The same one who nearly attacked Tirion Fordring during the Argent Tournament? The same one who ordered an attack on the Alliance gunship right in front of ICC, thus giving good old Arthy more corpses to play with?

And he's legendary for this? His actions are epic?

We're supposed to like him because one throwaway orc is going "yeah he's awesome you don't even know"?

Where's Saurfang when you need him?

RP Profiles for Deathy's Characters

Because why not? Though, sadly, most of these characters do not have as fleshed out a backstory as Deathy's main.

Frostshard Grimtotem(?)Collapse )

Gizzak ScrewlooseCollapse )

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Lastly, Deathy's guilty pleasure and most Suetastic one, Anahkrrik.Collapse )

Deathy and Transmogrification.
For those who care, Deathy's main is a level 85 Tauren Death Knight with... issues.

Mogging gear and you! Or Deathy.Collapse )

It will be glorious.

Death Knights and races
Deathy was thinking a bit about how, in general, a member of each race in WoW would adapt to being turned into a horrible killing machine that needs to cause agony to stay mostly sane and reasonably functional. This is what he's come up with.


Human: This is the one Deathy will use as a baseline; there's a good chance that, depending on the Knight, the reactions could range from "huh, this isn't too bad", to "no no no no no no no no no" to "Ahahahaa! This is the best thing ever!"

Dwarf: Most likely, quite similar to the humans, though Deathy could quite easily see a dwarven DK going off into the wilds far from civilization so that when he went blood crazy there wouldn't be anyone around to kill, given how insular they are. Of course, this could have... repercussions.

Gnome: They're creepy little fuckers when undead'd. Let's get that out of the way first. Deathy can very easily see one using the inherent gnomish ingenuity to create devices and implements to prolong the agony.

Night Elf: They would take it hard. Very hard. Their entire spiritual focus is living with nature and the trees, and that has been ripped away from them and replaced with the hunger to cause pain and destruction. If not given a new short-term goal after the old one is completed, suicide of some form seems likely.

Draenei: These people have it hard too; even worse than the Night Elves. As a race, they have walked in the Light for milennia, and now the very thing they used to revere and love so much burns with hellish agony at the slightest touch. Much like the Night Elf example, Deathy thinks they would not be long for the world either, unless the ressurection process severely twisted their personality.

Worgen: This is where things get... confusing. Thanks, Blizzard, for not really helping with the lore on this one. According to what is in-game, worgen Death Knights were never cured of the Curse of the Worgen like player worgen were - instead, they escaped from Arugal, where... well, we don't really know, except the Scourge somehow got their hands on you and zombified away. So, they would logically have two curses on top of each other - but the Lich King has been shown to intentionally make his zombies dumber than they were in life and know it, just to cause them additional suffering. So, did he then increase your bestial intelligence to make you easier to point at the Scarlets and Argent Dawn without going postal on his own forces? These are things we need to know! In any case, they would probably be able to handle the need to kill slightly better than most races - it's something they were coping with to varying degrees before death anyway, and if being slain removed the "axe crazy" aspect of the curse, the only thing that's changed for them is that they're now dead and functionally immortal.


Orcs: Given how the orcish ideal is "the strong rule", an orc Death Knight would probably manage to fit in fairly well. Aside from the whole "needs to kill" (but there's Alliance for that!) and "smells like death".

Troll: ... They're cannibalistic, sociopathic, xenophobic bastards. The only difference is that the Horde Trolls view the Horde as part of their tribe, for the most part. A DK would fit right in.

Tauren: Remember that bit about the Night Elves? Tauren have it even worse - while the nelves try to live in harmony with nature, their primary focus is on that of their Goddess, Elune. The tauren, however, worship the Earth Mother, and they are now anathema to Her entirely. The best that they could hope for is "grudging acceptance that you exist", and as a people view unneccessary killing as downright abominable. Guess what DKs have to do, everyone! Chances of self-termination are also extremely high.

Undead: Well, nothing new here. Moving on!

Blood Elves: Well, they're dead, so that crippling mana addiction is gone. Except now they have to siphon the life out of living beings, painfully. So, not that much different to what they did to M'uru. They'd be fine.

Goblin: See that bit about Gnomes? Pretty much the same, only the devices would have a higher chance of exploding and be a lot less sanitary. Also, they'd probably start thinking long-term : "I'll live forever. Now, how to go about amassing a fortune? Well, I could buy a farm... use the money from that farm to buy another farm..." and so on until they ended up owning all the land on the entire planet. And Outlands.

"This Is Not a Book to be Tossed Aside Lightly..."
"It should be thrown with great force."
Deathy isn't impressed.Collapse )

Short version: Deathy is not buying this book.

Slash Senses... Tingling.
So, apparently, Baine Bloodhoof and Anduin are friends. This all has happened in a book Deathy has not read, thank WoWpedia for synopses, and it's raising a few... flags.

Tasty, tasty flags. Wait, that's not even a metaphor.

Continuing! Baine and Anduin meet up in an inn Theramore because the Grimtotem are At It Again immediately after Cairne's death. This is not a surprise. The fact that Baine could get the prince of Stormwind's aid - more surprising.

The fact that Anduin handed over an extremely potent mace, infused with so much of the Light's power, and was a Bronzebeard heirloom before he got it? That... that makes Deathy wonder.

He is, of course, totally for this pairing. Along with Garrosh/Varian hatesex. He is a twisted, twisted little murloc.


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